Word from CEO 2021

Dear participants and partners, On behalf of my team, I want to thank you for your trust and loyalty shown for over 15 years. In 2020, many of you participated in our seminars and expressed your satisfaction towards our company. Commonwealth TC continues its mission to contribute to the effectiveness and efficiency in the management of development projects and generally increases the performance of public and para-public institutions. All our experienced consultants share their knowledge with you and make you benefit from their expertise. Throughout the training, the emphasis is on practice and the acquisition of tools and immediately applicable methodologies. Our varied training offer includes modules specifically developed to meet the needs of your administration, in compliance with the rules and requirements of donor agencies. Commonwealth TC prides itself on unparalleled customer service. We pay attention not only to the quality of our training but we also cherish the relationship with our customers. Our coordinators and their administrative and logistics staff accompany you from the very beginning when you first contact us and all the way through the registration process, the training and until your departure. Because we are aware of the fact that training budgets decrease whereas capacity building needs become higher, we have decided to lower our tuition fees. Moreover we are strengthening our incentives:
 We encourage the institutions that enroll more people a year by providing free registrations;
 We apply special rates for group registrations ;
 We offer increased benefits for our participants;
 We set up a loyalty programme for our alumni.

Our tradition of hospitality, our values of excellence and our commitment to customer satisfaction, are assets that distinguish us and that will turn your training into a unique and rewarding experience. I look forward to welcoming you to one of our training centers in 2021.


Jesse N. Kundaeli - PhD Chief Executive Officer


Professional Qualifications

  • Bvet MED.
  • MBA.
  • MSc.
  • PhD.
  • Project Management Expert and  Consultant.
  • International Speaker.
  • Trainer.
  • Facilitator.
  • Author
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