Procurement Framework for Project Staff


Procurement function has become professionalized. In the recent years, procurement competency frameworks have begun to emerge and procurement professionals are required to have the requisite procurement body of knowledge and skills. At the same time, the function has been evolving and now requires both specialized knowledge and skills in procurement but also a broad appreciation of the various fields that link with procurement function. Equally, many areas that consume the services of procurement specialists need to understand how procurement works and its significance in supporting timely completion of development projects that are fit for purpose and that deliver value for money. Investment project financing regulations rolled out by the world bank after June 2016 require that all projects funded after that date comply with these regulations. A clear understanding of the provisions under the regulations is an important aspect for project teams. This course is based on the world bank procurement framework and regulations for projects after July 1, 2016.  This course aims at enhancing the capacity of project teams implementing development projects funded by the world bank to assess user needs and effectively undertake procurement processes in accordance with the July 2016 world bank procurement framework and regulations.


Public procurement practitioners, project finance experts, project accountants, project auditors, procurement assessors, project coordinators and project component leaders, members of national public procurement offices, tender boards and evaluation committees, procurement auditors, probity advisers.

Course Outline


  • Project cycle in bank financed projects;
  • Public procurement principles;
  • The world bank procurement regulations for ipf borrowers;
  • Project procurement strategy for development;
  • Procurement methods;
  • Market analysis and identifying suppliers and service providers;
  • Procurement risk assessment;
  • Project procurement planning;
  • Preparation of procurement documents;
  • Sourcing, advertisement and bid receipt;
  • Bid opening and bid evaluation methods;
  • Contract award and management;
  • Procurement performance monitoring;
  • Procurement competency frameworks.
Arusha, Tanzania
Starting: 01 February 2021 Ending: 12 February 2021
USD 1,975
To cover tuition and training materials only.

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The cost covers only tuition, stationery, presentation slides, soft and hard copies of course materials, coffee/tea breaks, lunch, tour to tourist attraction sites and administrative expenses.

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