Why attend

New business risks, governance, globalization and the continuing demands of the Audit Committee and senior management for value-added services combine to make the job of an IA manager more and more demanding. This  seminar is a road map to developing or maintaining an audit department that is ready to meet the challenges of this evolving business environment. You will build on the key responsibilities of the audit manager and explore best practices in internal auditing today. Focusing on establishing a mission statement and strategic plan for IA, you will cover how to set attainable objectives and goals; reacting to changing risk/control relationships; marketing IA’s services; structuring the audit department; the annual audit planning process, co-sourcing smarter and more.

Who should attend?

Internal Audit Managers, Directors and Supervisors


Fundamentals of Internal Auditing (OAG101), Advanced Auditing for In-Charge Auditors (OAG201) or equivalent experience

Course Outline

Training content


  1. The Critical Role of the Audit Director/Manager
  2. Developing an Effective Mission/Vision Statement
  3. Developing Strategic and Risk-Based Annual Business Plans
  4. Corporate Governance
  5. Building Relationships: Marketing and Selling Internal Audit
  6. Audit Committee Relationships
  7. Attracting and Keeping the Right People with the Right Stuff
  8. Co-sourcing
  9. Minimizing Departmental Administration
  10. Improving the Productivity of the Audit Process
  11. Incorporating Best Practices Throughout the Department
  12. IA’s Role in High-Profile Situations and What Went Wrong–Lessons Learned
Arusha, Tanzania
Starting: 01 March 2021 Ending: 12 March 2021
To cover tuition and training materials only.
USD 1975 Fees + VAT Applicable

Please take note that hotel accommodation, travel and out of pocket expenses will be borne by the sponsoring organization.

The cost covers only tuition, stationery, presentation slides, soft and hard copies of course materials, coffee/tea breaks, lunch, tour to tourist attraction sites and administrative expenses.

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Course available for 12 days


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