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J.N Kundaeli

Bvet. MED, MBA, MSc, PhD

Project Management Expert & Consultant, International Speaker, Trainer, Facilitator, Author

Focus : Bring Order to Chaos!

Good Objectives? YES. How? Through the use of good Project Management,

Processes, Techniques and Disciplines.

The Standish Group has been publishing their CHAOS Reports for decades reporting that on average 25% of all project fail and another 45% to 50% are listed as being challenging, in that they did not live up to expectations. This leaving between 30% and 25% that were successful. While as time, experience and environments have improved, there is still an incredible opportunity for continued improvement in the area of project management.
Dr. J.N. Kundaeli and the resources at Commonwealth TC Consulting Services will help turn that trend around for your business. Let us bring order to the theory that you might be facing chaos. Let us bring success to your projects and increase the percentages in the green segment. Let us reduce the challenged and eliminate the failures for your organization.

Commonwealth TC is a training and consultancy services provider that works with both the public and private sectors. The consulting services offered cover a broad range of areas including management and organizational development, finance, project management and evaluation, engineering, and technology. Since it was started in 2002, the firm has become the regional consultant of choice for projects which required international standards mixed with regional and bi-lingual expertise. When approached for a consulting project, Commonwealth TC works with the client to help identify the main pain points and then designs short and long term remedies and solutions to solve the identified issues using a systematic and creative approach. Commonwealth TC involvement varies with the nature of the situation and the request of the client. In particular, the assignment may range from ad hoc advice on a particular problem or issue, to the design of comprehensive systems as well as the evaluation and revision of existing ones.
After meeting with the client and agreeing on the scope of the project, a team of specialized consultants starts working with the client’s staff. Together they collect facts and data, which they analyze using the latest slice and dice techniques to identify practical solutions. After agreeing on the solutions, they train the client’s staff, assist in the implementation and help the client achieve the desired benefits.

Since its establishment, the firm has managed to build a network of researchers and a large number of enumerators and research assistants. This distributed team is supplemented by a longer list of registered researchers that among them have accumulated over 30 years of research work experience. Commonwealth TC prides itself in that it has access to part of Global Network of Companies in America (Development Alternatives Inc.), Brazil (DAI Brazil), and the United Kingdom (Bannock Consulting), providing it with information on best practices from projects in over 150 countries. It has access to professionals to work with who are world leaders in the development arena through its recruitment database which holds in excess of 26,000 professional CVs. We strive to deliver quality service and honest work as we believe that it is the fundamental element of good work. It is our goal to deliver quality service that speaks for itself.

Our consulting services are:

The range of consulting services is wide and includes:

Project and Program Management
 Project and Program Identification
 Project and Program Feasibility Studies
 Project and Program Planning, Design and Development
 Project and Program Appraisal
 Project and Program Proposal Writing for Funding
 Project and Program Implementation
 Project and Program Monitoring and Evaluation

Project and Program Monitoring and Evaluation
 Conducting Baseline Surveys
 Conducting Mid Term Reviews(MTR)/Mid Term Evaluation
 Conducting Ex Post/End of Project Evaluation
 Conducting Impact Evaluations

Human Resources Management
 Job Analysis, Descriptions and Evaluation
 Personnel Policies and Procedures
 Competency Frameworks, Models and Dictionaries

 Training Needs Analysis
 Evaluating Training Effectiveness (at levels 1, 2 and 3)
 Competency Gap Analysis
 Audit of the HR Department (with all sub-functions)

Strategic Management
 Strategic Planning
 Design, Development and Audit of Key Performance Indicators
 Management of Change
 Performance Measurement and Management
 Design and Implementation of Scorecards and Dashboards (including the Balanced Scorecard)
 Employee Engagement and Satisfaction Surveys

Quality Management
 Improvement Strategies
 Total Quality Management
 Audit of Materials Management
 Audit of Project Management
 Simplification of Work Methods and Procedures

Marketing, Sales, and Customer Service
 Sales Management Systems
 Customer Service Programs
 Marketing Strategies
 Service Quality Management

Corporate Finance and Investment
 Financial Policies and Procedures
 Internal Control Systems

 Budget Systems and Manuals
 Feasibility Studies
 Business and Financial Forecasting
 Pre-IPO Due Diligence
 Financial Restructuring and Sensitivity Analysis
 Design of Investment Policies

Business / Enterprise Development
 Business Start-up
 Business plans, Cash flow forecasts and Feasibility studies
 Business Growth Plan
 Business Expansion and Diversification
 Business Mergers and Acquisitions.
 Preparing Business Plans, Proposals, Expression of Interest
 Designing Company Profiles
 Conducting Financial Due Diligence
 Conducting Feasibility Study
 Conducting Market Research & Baseline Survey
 Conducting Business Valuation
 Conducting Business Review / Business Impact Analysis
 Facilitating Strategic Planning
 Performance Monitoring and Evaluation
 Providing Professional Backstopping / Capacity Building
 Needs Assessment
 Business and Economics
 Productivity and Competitiveness
 Capital markets
 Labor markets and off shoring
 Consumer Demand and Demographics
 Global Economic Integration

Finance and Banking
 Statutory Audit
 Financial Model Audit

 Compliance Audit
 Internal Audit
 Corporate Governance Reviews
 System Reviews
 Financial Regulations and Accounting Manual
 Investigating Accountant‟s Reports
 Risk Assessments
 Forensic Accounting and Audits
 Preparing Payroll
 Preparing General Ledger
 Preparing Financial Statements/Managements Accounts
 Preparing Trial Balance
 Preparing Costing of Overheads
 Preparing Annual Reports
 Preparing Books of Accounts/Accounting Activities
 Conducting Stock/Inventory
 Reconciling Inter – Company Transactions
 Conducting Business Valuation
 Representing Clients on Tax Audit Issues
 Conducting VAT Audits and Certifying VAT Refunds
 Raising Objections with Tanzania Revenue Authority
 Making Tax Diagnosis to Variety of Businesses
 Filing Income Tax Returns to TRA
 Preparing Tax Computations
 Preparing Value Added Tax Refunds
 Providing Tax Planning Advice
 Providing Advice on Payroll and Levies Taxes
 Conducting Tax Health Checks for Compliance
 Facilitating the Process of Securing Statutory Certificates such as TIN &VAT Numbers
 Audited Financial Statements.

Transport Management
 Transport and Logistics Planning
 Aviation and Marine Disaster Management
 Transport Economics
 Road Network Planning

Infrastructure Management
 Construction Projects Management
 Design and Evaluation of Highway Bridge Structures using LRFD
 Planning and Evaluating Road and Rail Weighbridges
 Evaluating Construction Projects

Procurement Management
 Public Procurement Management
 Preparation of Legal Contracts
 Preparation of Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)
 Preparation of Memorandum and Article of Association (MEMARTS)
 Facilitating Work Permits etc
 Facilitating Tanzania Investment Centre Certificate of Incentives
 Procurement of Goods, Works and Services under World Bank Guidelines
 Performing Procurement audits, Investigations and Reviews
 Performing Tender Evaluation
 Preparing Tender Documents
 Providing Advisory in all Issues Pertaining Procurement (Procurement Planning)
 Procuring Office Electronics from Overseas Markets (Overseas Purchasing)

Business Support Services
 Fund Management
 Preparation of Annual Report
 Payroll Preparation and Management
 Business Re Location Assistance

Feasibility Studies. The feasibility studies covers the following:
 Introduction and summary of findings
 The market analysis
 The economic demographic factors and other trends
 Site and service
 Building and architectural concepts
 Project investment and financing
 Management and ownership
 Financial forecast.
 Return on investment

 Other aspects
 Impact assessment

Development Economics. This covers the following:
 Population and Demographic studies
 Applied Statistics
 Socio economic Surveys
 Economic and Financial Analysis
 Projects and Programs Evaluations

Community Based Sustainable Development. This covers the following:
 Integrated Rural Development studies
 Agricultural and Livestock Production Studies
 Agro Industrial Studies Animal Health (Clinical, Herd Health
 Management, Analysis of Disease Effects)
 Farming Systems Research and Analysis
 Rapid Appraisal and other Qualitative Research Methods
 Economic and Financial Analysis
 Projects and Programs Evaluations

Natural Resources and Environmental Management studies.
 Environmental Impact Assessment studies
 Environmental Audit
 Land use Studies
 Conservation and Bio Diversity Protection Studies
 Water Resources Studies
 Wildlife Studies

Health Care and Development studies. This covers the following:
 Health Care Financing Systems
 Evaluation of Health Services
 Planning and Information Systems
 Public Health Studies
 Epidemiological and Surveillance Studies

Human Resources Development studies. This covers the following:
 Strategic HR Management
 Salary Review/ Surveys

 Compensation Surveys
 Job Evaluation and Reviewing of Scheme of Service
 Manpower Level Rapid Assessment
 Talent Management and Skill Gap Analysis
 HR Policies Development
 Organizational Structure, System and Salary Structure Review
 Recruitment, Interviews and Selection
 HR Performance Appraisal

Information Technology (IT) studies. This covers the following:
 IT Security Assessment – Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Plans
 Database Design and Implementation
 Web Programming
 Software Development
 Network design, installation, upgrades maintenance on-site
 Trouble shooting and hardware and software upgrades.
 computer networks including technology assessment, information flow analysis, local area networks, wide area networks, and net work operating systems
 Design, implement and service networks including LAN, Internet and Intranet, using different communication media such as fibre-optic, SPT or UTP cables, or wireless networks (through radio waves or infrared radiation).
 Install and configure software packages such as Microsoft Office, Adobe PageMaker, Corel Perfect Office Suite, Corel Draw, Adobe Photo Shop, Microsoft Bank Office and AutoCAD.

Technical Services. It covers:-
 Electrical Engineering Consulting Services
 Mechanical Engineering Consulting Services
 Telecommunication Consulting


To CommonwealthTCA

Commonwealth TC course programmes
 Information Technology (IT) course programmes
 Communication and Writing Skills course programmes
 Public Relations course programmes
 Administration and Secretarial course programmes
 Leadership and Management course programmes
 Legal course programmes

 Auditing and Governance course programmes
 Risk and Compliance course programmes
 Insurance course programmes
 Planning and Strategy course programmes
 Human Resources Management and Development course programmes
 Health and Safety course programmes
 Gender Development Management course programmes
 Project Management course programmes
 Entrepreneurship course programmes
 Customer Service Management course programmes
 Quality and Productivity Management course programmes
 Marketing and Sales course programmes
 Energy , Water and Environmental Management course programmes
 Oil and Gas Management course programmes
 Mining course programmes
 Macroeconomic Management course programmes
 Accounting and Finance course programmes
 Debt Management course programmes
 Engineering and Instrumentation course programmes
 Public Procurement and Supply Chain Management course programmes
 Contract Management course programmes
 Transport and Logistics Management course programmes
 Language course programmes

Commonwealth TC Lines of Business A-Z

Agricultural Economics Financial Institutions and Banking Project Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation
Animal Health Economics Financial Risk Management Procurement Management
B Financial Management Programming and Policy Public Policy Management
Bankruptcy G Performance Evaluation
Business Management Gender and Equity Economics T
C Geographical Information Systems Transfer Pricing
Corporate Entrepreneurship Development Global Positioning Systems Training
Competition Economics Gas Economics Transport Economics
Capital Economics H Talent Management
Climate Change Economics Health Care Economics Taxation
Communication and Networks Management Human Capital Management Training Needs Analysis
Consumer Protection in Financial Services K V
Corporate Governance and Compliance Knowledge  Management Valuation and Property Management Economics
Contract Research W
Contract Management L Water and Sanitation Economics
D Logistics Management Water Conservation
Development Economics Land Economics Waste Management
Development Planning M T
Data Collection, Analysis and Reporting Macroeconomic Management Transfer Pricing
Disaster Management Monitoring and Evaluation Training
Disputes and Ligitation N Training Evaluation
E Natural Resources Management Economics Training Needs Analysis
Economics Nature Conservation Economics Training Needs Asessment
Energy Conservation Economics Natural Gas Economics Transport Economics
Environment and Climate Change  

For information about any of the above topics, please contact us by phone or email and ask for the Partner-In-Charge who will be more than glad to provide you with feedback which will help you decide how best to proceed.

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